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International Association of Electrical Inspectors


Welcome to the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. Your membership will open up whole new worlds of knowledge and camaraderie in the electrical industry. You have joined an association whose members are committed and dedicated to the safe use of electricity.

To advance that cause, IAEI chapters and divisions meet locally to discuss issues important to you. You will automatically be added to your chapter's or division's mailing list so you will hear about their meetings. Often, nationally recognized experts attend these meetings to share their knowledge and experience. IAEI News magazine is published six times a year on the odd numbered months.

Your membership includes a subscription to this valuable source of information to help you stay informed on the electrical safety codes so vital in your work. Other benefits of membership include reduced rates for attending IAEI seminars and discounts on many electrical publications.

We value your membership and strive to always be responsive to our members' needs. Please let us hear if you have any suggestions on how we can better serve you.

As a pioneer, the International Association of Electrical Inspectors plays a strong leadership role in the electrical industry and its many organizations and associations. Because of its reputation for fairness and code-compliance, the association has long been labeled the Keystone of the Electrical Industry. Like the keystone, the association plays a cohesive role among testing agencies, standards organizations, manufacturers, distributors, and contractors. Membership in the association gives you access.

Our goals are:

  • To formulate standards for safe installation and use of electrical materials, devices, and appliances.
  • To promote uniform understanding and application of the National Electrical Code, other codes, and any other adopted electrical codes in other countries.
  • To promote uniform administrative ordinances and inspection methods.
  • To collect and disseminate information relative to the safe use of electricity.
  • To represent electrical inspectors in the electrical industry, nationally and internationally.
  • To cooperate with national and international organizations in the further development of the electrical industry.
  • To promote cooperation among inspectors, inspection departments of city, county, state, at national and international levels, the electrical industry and the public


The next meeting of the New Jersey Skylands Chapter of IAEI will be at 6pm, 12 March 2020 at:

The Public House Restaurant
111 Main St
Chester, NJ 079305

Note: New Location

Our guest speakers for the evening will be Greg Chontow. He will be discussing "The New Jersey Modifications to the 2017 NEC".

CEU credit will be awarded to all DCA licensed Inspectors.
CEU credit will be awarded to all Board of Electrical Contractors licensed IAEI members.

The cost for Dinner is $30
Hope to see you all there.

Board of Directors:
Frank Baguiao

Vice President:
Jim Burke

Greg Chontow
29 Normandy Circle
Hopatcong, NJ 07843

Donald Storms

Immediate Past President:
Robert Rutan

The Officers:
Monse Echevarria
Earnest Fletcher
Roy Konwiser
Greg Lwowski
Kevin O'Connor
William O'Connor
Larry Ott